7.9.2006 Update: Coming soon, behind the scenes.

What $40 in cups, a lot of free time, and motivation for a prank get you:

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bathroom Toilet (it was more packed in than this by the end but no one took a picture)

Main Hallway

Living Room

Foreshadowing on the door

Quick Facts:

  • 2040 cups were purchased, but about 100 went unused due to some scares and some rushing at the end
  • All the cups are filled with varying amounts of water, making cleanup extra annoying
  • Cups were stacked atop doors and other high to reach places. Hopefully they notice before they attempt to close a door.
  • There were some other cool elements, like a whiteboard that proclaimed "You were cupped!" Wish there were pictures *ahem*
  • Many hidden cups remain to be found once the obvious ones are removed (hint: check behind the fish tank)
  • Don't feel bad for these guys; they've done many eviler pranks before

A more detailed page with more images and higher quality images will be put up later.

As featured on: 230 GB transfered and counting...